Aluminum Banding Pliers
Our Price: $160.00

X3 - 4.5mm - (2, 2A, 3)
Our Price: $0.27
ARS Swiss Army Knife
Our Price: $27.00
These ultra-lightweight, 2-hole aluminum banding pliers open and close band sizes 0A through 1A. The pliers feature an opening pin mounted on the front and contain a magnet that attracts the handles together and holds the band in the pliers. These pliers are rust resistant and work great in salt water research sites.

Not intended for use on stainless steel bands, the pins will break.
Darvic color bands size X3.  Recommended for use with birds that typically require a 2, 2A, or 3 aluminum band.  Colors available: black, grey, red, mid-blue, mid-green, pastel blue, yellow, white, orange, and brown. ARS Classic SD Red Swiss Army Knife. This miniature tool is small enough (length of 2.25") to fit in your banding kit or in your pocket in the field.  It features a small blade, scissors, nail file with screwdriver tip, toothpick, tweezers and key ring.
61mm mesh mist net, 12m length, black nylon
Semipalmated Sandpiper
Our Price: $80.00
Our 61mm mist nets are best used for medium sized birds such as towhees, blackbirds, jays, thrashers, small owls, sparrow hawks, sharp-shinned hawks, doves, grackles, and larger thrushes.

A copy of your federal bird banding permit is required to purchase this item. Please email it to afonets@briloon.org. Thank you.
These life-size Semipalmated Sandpiper decoys are available in both feeding or standing positions. Each decoy is hand-carved out of Atlantic white cedar and hand painted to create a very realistic depiction of the species. Each decoy comes with a dowel and wood base. We currently have 1 decoy in the feeding position and 1 in the standing position. More decoys can be made to order, please email us at afonets@briloon.org to inquire about a larger order. Please allow additional time for decoys to made if we do not have them in stock.
Known as the "bird bander's bible" in the field. The ID Guide to North American Birds is an in-depth technical guide for bird researchers, and includes 395 species and 857 subspecies from Columbidae to Ploceidae.  Data includes plumage, molt patterns, measurements (wing, tail, bill, tarsus, and mass), sexing and ageing for each species.