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  Japanese Mist Nets
Most mist nets are specified by mesh size. The lower the mesh size, the smaller the mesh. Although there is no universally accepted mesh size, the table below provides a general description of the most commonly used nets for targeted species.

24mm (1"): Used for very small birds such as hummingbirds, kinglets, bushtits, marsh hens, and small warblers.

30mm (1 1/4") : Used for birds such as wrens, creepers, nuthatches, and wood warblers in general.

36mm (1 1/2"): Used for birds with band sizes greater than No. 1, such as small shorebirds, most passerines, tanagers, small thrushes,flycatchers and other small birds.

61mm (2 3/8"): Used for medium size shorebirds, towhees, blackbirds, jays, thrashers, small owls, sparrow hawks, sharp-shinned hawks, doves, grackles, and the larger thrushes.

121mm (4 3/4"): Used for grouse, large shorebirds, and small to medium size ducks and hawks.

The majority of our mist nets are made from nylon material. We do also offer our 36 mm mesh nets in a polyester material for researchers whose nets will be exposed to extreme sunlight. The polyester material will be less prone to deterioration in such conditions. Both the 12 m and 6 m are available.

Black is the net color that is best for low visibility in most conditions. We do also offer the 36 mm mesh, 12 m length net in two alternative colors: sand and green.

NOTE: All persons ordering mist nets must provide their permit number. Institutional purchasing agents should name the individual(s) responsible for use of the nets and provide their permit number. AFO and Avian Research Supplies only sells mist nets for scientific purposes, and only to individuals and institutions that appear qualified to use them. We will decline sales where qualifications appear inadequate or unproven. Nets will not be sold for purposes such as control of the number of birds, for commercial collection, or for resale.